Shayna Brewer

Personal Work

When Shayna isn't working, she stays busy with personal projects. She has a wide range of interests, but they all rely heavily on her love for design and illustration.

Vinyl Installations

One of Shayna's favorite mediums to work with is vinyl. She has made several large scale installations for gallery exhibitions and her home. Some have been mentioned in the publications below.

Pix-E Camera

Shayna also collaborates with her favorite person, her husband Nick, to create fun, interactive work. One of their creations, the PIX-E camera, received a lot of recognition in DIY and open source communities.

Costume Design

Another passion Shayna dabbles in is costume design and sewing garments. As you can imagine, her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she goes all out. Last year, she was the sandworm from Beetle Juice.


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