Shayna Brewer


As of today, Shayna Brewer is working in Austin, TX, as a freelance digital artist, doing everything from animations, graphic design, video production, illustrations, and more. She’s basically that “Design-Unicorn” you’ve been scouring the internet for. Want her to make a .gif? She helped BuzzFeed make millions by creating .gifs and memes for brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and more. Need her to understand HTML and CSS? Check out this website’s code. Need some motion graphics? Click on her Resume in the menu above.

Although Shayna can seem pretty busy, she believes in creating a work-life balance. You may spot her bicycling her two dogs around as if she was their personal chauffeur. She can also be found snuggling her cats, watching really good TV, and spending time with her family.

Shayna with her pets