Print Material

Sideways Magic

I illustrated and created the layout for Sarah Morgan's children's story, Sideways Magic.

How to Live Illuminated

I designed the Nova guide to personal branding, as well as other print materials.

Brochure Mailer for THA

I designed many things at THA, including this brochure mailer.

Greeting Card

This is a greeting card I designed as a gift for my niece who just graduated from high school.

EverlyWell Postcards

I worked on digital and printed materials during my time with EverlyWell.



EverlyWell asked me to create an infographic that could be printed, as well as divided into three Instagram posts.

Nova Leadership

I created infographics and more for Nova, a group dedicated to teaching leadership skills to women.


Watershed Art House

I was asked to create the new logo for the art collective, Watershed Art House.

Images for Tenderly

The following images were created and formatted to be posted on Pinterest, as well as other social media platforms.