short stacks UX Design


Patrons of the dog park/bar, Yard Bar

My Role

UX/Visual Designer


Short Stacks Logo

Short Stacks App

An app prototype for patrons of Yard Bar. Users will be able to check if their friends will visit the park on a daily basis, as well as post what time the user intends to visit the establishment.

Target Audience

A persona for Short Stacks. Jane Daniels is a 68-year-old retiree who takes her two dogs everywhere.
She especially loves Yard Bar because she's met an array of friends who love their dogs as much as she does. Her goal is to stay as social and as busy as possible now that she isn't working. She enjoys meeting up with friends at the park, but she also dislikes group texts. She'd prefer to see a list of when her friends plan to show up.
A personal for short stacks. Devon Baker is a 32-year-old graphic deisgner who loves to visit hisfriends at Yard Bar during hislunch hour. However, sometimes his breaks aren't as predictable as he'd like. He would like a way to check on the time his friends plan to visit the park as he's leaving so he knows what to expect.


Many people who regularly visit Yard Bar build groups of friends that they enjoy hanging out with.

Project goal

The purpose of the Short Stacks app is to coordinate hang-outs between Yard Bar patrons, their friends, and their fur friends.The purpose of the Short Stacks app is to coordinate hang-outs between Yard Bar patrons, their friends, and their fur friends.

Approach and Solution

I essentially designed a simplified Twitter Feed for the Pets. All the user needed to do was enter when they planned to visit and when they planned to leave. Once they posted it, all their friends would be able to see the timeframe they intended to visit the park that day. The friends could also comment on their post to encourage visits at a different time.

All of the posts would reset at midnight so the only times posted were relevant for that day. This will ensure that the user doesn't accidentally use someone's time from a previous or future day when they look up when their friends will arrive at the park.

Loading Page for Short Stacks App.
Log In Page for Short Stacks App
Profile Page for Short Stacks App
Friend Page for Short Stack App
The page where you enter what time you will go to Yard Bar on the Short Stacks App.
An example of what a comment on a post in the short stacks app would look like.
An example of what the newsfeed would look like on the short stacks app.
The screen where you can search for friends.