A portrait of Shayna Brewer

I'm Shayna Brewer, a versatile UX, Motion, and Graphic Designer with a passion for creating engaging digital experiences and making visuals pop.

In my current role as the Creative Lead for Online Education at The Center for Health Communication in Austin, TX, I use UX principles to make the Health Communication Training Series (HCTS) courses more user-friendly. I also use various platforms and tools to ensure each course is engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

In my freelance journey, I've worked with diverse clients, applying UX to websites, crafting visual materials, and creating animated content. I've also dabbled in logo design, trade-show graphics, and print materials.

During my time as a Creative Video Producer at BuzzFeed, I created and edited videos for various platforms, making content perfect for sharing on social media.

I'm self-driven, great at communication, and thrive in remote work setups. I love mentoring and providing constructive feedback and fostering creativity in my teams. I'm all about dynamic and adaptable settings, and I enjoy tackling challenges with creative solutions.

In my spare time, I paint murals in my house, spend time with my partner Nick and my two corgis, Pixel and Jpeg, and design/sew clothes.