The University of Texas at Austin Center for Health Communication, Moody College of Communication and Dell Medical School

My Role

Graphic/Brand Designer
Motion Graphics

Brand Guideline

Project Goal

The Center for Health Communication wanted to create an original brand for their Health Communication Training Series (HCTS). Because the center is part of the University of Texas at Austin, the branding for HCTS needed to pull from the campus brand guidelines while still maintaining a unique point of view. The courses are welcoming and interactive, while also establishing the credibility of our instructors and the importance of evidence-based communication strategies that can be employed across all levels of communication. The HCTS brand should reflect the content.


I designed and animated a unique logo using sound waves to convey the communication element to HCTS courses. I also implemented UT Austin colors that most felt the most welcoming, approachable and appealing to the young professionals the center is targeting to take their courses.

An animated gif of the Health Communication Training Series logo.