Greeting Card Ideas

February 19, 2024

I came up with this sick frog for my job last Friday. My partner Nick loved it so much they said I should make more sick reptile/amphibians for fun. We sat on the couch and laughed while we brainstormed ideas and eventually came up with the idea of a snake on crutches. But then we had to answer some questions. How would the snake hold onto crutches? Would he have a cast or neck brace? What will I use these drawings for?

We landed on this cute creation. And now I'm thinking of turning this into a series of greeting cards. The copy we've come up with so far is:

"Ssssssorry your ssssssick."
"Thisssss sssssssuuuuuuucksssss."
"Get well ssssssoooon."

Enjoy the frog and snek!