Idle Ride Podcast Art

February 25, 2024

I don't typically do freelance work that often these days, but sometimes I have a bit of free time where I can take on a few projects. Marcy, a person I worked with many many years ago cleaning dorm rooms at UAF, reached out to me to see if I could make some illustrations. She and her friend Paul have a podcast called Idle Ride where they review sci-fi and post-apocalyptic television shows. She sent me a few loose sketches with her ideas, and I used them to come up with the final versions posted here. I also set up a little brand sheet for them so they could add graphics to their streams using colors/fonts that work with that artwork.

This was a fun project for me because I used a color palette that I wouldn't typically apply to my own work, and I'm pretty fond of the subject matter they review. I'm happy to contribute to their passion project, and hope their fans love it.

You can listen to their podcast on their Buzzsprout account here.

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