HiFi Prototype for Beer Garden App

January 23, 2024

I finished my 5th course for the Google UX Design Professional Certificate. I'm feeling pretty good about how quickly I moved through course 4 and 5. Course 4 involved creating a lofi prototype for the beer garden app. The course I just finished focused on refining the app using feedback from the usability studies, and adding the final design elements. The insights given to me by my users really helped me take things into consideration that I hadn't thought of before. I think the most important insight was making sure people know there's more content to scroll to by giving visual cues. For example, having part of a menu, or an image peek up from the bottom, so they scroll to see the rest of the content. Originally I was trying to fit everything neatly on the screen, but that just isn't a conducive design style for phone apps. It's really fullfilling to learn a new way of designing content to better serve the platform they'll be presented on.

The new app can be tested using this link.