Weekly World Fun

May 29, 2024

My friends, Bill & Sally, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last Saturday. Nick & I love those two dearly, so I took a flight to Austin to be there for their special day. Normally Nick and our two corgis would have joined us, but we're fostering another dog right now. We haven't figured out an effective way to travel with her, so I went solo.

They said no gifts, but I hate showing up empty handed. I ended up creating this Weekly World News cover using their original wedding photo for their anniversary. I'm pretty sure they got a kick out of it (especially since it features their two corgis, Trillian and Orson).

One of the cutest moments I had with this project was with the woman who worked at the print shop I went to. She had to know what this cover was for and told me she was happy to have something entertaining come in for print that day. It was splendid.