Cat Pattern Unlocked

January 7, 2024

I finished my pattern based on Zac Oyama's shirt! I don't get to draw as often at work anymore, so I've become a bit of a slow illustrator. I noticed that the more cats I drew, the better they would get. I had to go back to the earlier cats and adjust them to look more cohesive, but I'm pretty happy with how this has turned out! I drew all of it in Procreate, then brought it into Photoshop to clean up the pattern.

I think I want to make a jumpsuit out of one of the color ways for me, and maybe a button up shirt for Nick. Maybe the jumpsuit can be what I wear for Uncle Shayna's art party.

Thanks for the  shirt-spiration, Mr. Oyama!

You can buy on different types of fabrics, wallpapers, and more with this pattern at my Spoonflower account.

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