Zac Oyama's Shirt

January 4, 2024

Good morning (insert your location here)!

I've been watching a lot of Dimension 20 these days. I think it's my way of escaping the reality of our world right now. My family would play dungeons and dragons in the 90s together, so it threads the needle of nostalgia (with a fresh twist), and a reprieve from social media, the news, life, etc.

While watching a Crown of Candy, I kinda became obsessed with the color palette on Zac Oyama's striped shirt, so I took a screenshot of it. I want to start doing this when I see color combinations I enjoy, and then apply them to fun little sketches. I tend to gravitate toward the colors you see on my website, so I think this will be a great exercise for me to get out of my color comfort zone. So far I've only begun working on this silly cat design, which might be a fun fabric pattern in the future. I'll probably make several images using this combo before I move onto the next.